Why Regular grooming is important

Things you should think about with your groomer.

There is certain process to the way he/or she grooms. This is something your pet will become comfortable with .

There are certain signals they may use with the dog while working grooming. For each action there is a reaction between the two souls while they are in the space together.

Your groomer is creating a trusting relationship with your pet, even if you still see an anxious dog, you can’t see the work being done on the inside.  The way the stiff body becomes soft, the way the wide eyes soften over time, and how the excessive panting lessens.  A trusting bond created because of familiarity and time.

Your groomer learns the dogs movements and body. Noticing subtle changes in the body as a whole, new lumps, skin changing, eyes fogging, etc.  They are watching these things for you, because you may not notice the subtle stuff over time.

These are why if you trust your groomer you keep them. Don’t bounce around shop to shop, it is more stress on your pet.

For these reasons I set expectations on my clients to commit to a schedule, so their pet can feel calm with the situation at hand, and not feel fearful or uncertain with irregular schedules and only seeing a groomer when their coat is causing them pain.

I groom as a trade, but watch over your pets health as a whole. I keep an eye on the body and health of your pet, because you see me more then the vet, so I can alert you to anything that seems of a concern.


*Best advice I received for aging pets- take a photo once a week.. then look back on them every few months.. You will notice any drastic changes in weight, coat, eyes, etc.. This is the bodies alert to internal health issues .


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