My heart is exploding with love

Moving away and restarting was one of the most uncomfortable and hardest things I have done. It put me in a place where I wasn’t sure if my capabilities that had helped me so much with clients from NS would follow through to BC.
I had gotten so used to my regulars and the life I had built, and it was terrifying becoming the new kid on the block again. But I am so pleased to have been able to max out my client list after just over a year in business in Victoria. I chose a market most groomers don’t want- Special needs pets. Ones who bark, bite,and are termed by many groomers as assholes…(Anxious, aggressive, seniors, or dogs needing special care). These are my favorite clients to deal with, ones with personality!
I owe a lot to Kathleen Bishop for showing me how a well rounded groomer should be. Not closing my doors to dogs with issues.. Now my business is set up for those dogs specifically; which who knew, those dogs aren’t really different then any others, they just require a bit more patience and awareness. ( I don’t judge those who send me those clients because I love em! They make my blood flow, and heart race with excitement knowing I have another challenge)
This past week two stories come to mind.
One is a pitty who I had to carry to my van, she needed muzzling to have her toes even touched. A year later she now jumps in my van, and still makes noises while I do her nails, but she self calms while I do it muzzle free!!!!
Second dog, I have done twice… This mini poo hated going to the groomers, yesterday I showed up and she lost her mind with excitement.. play bowing, barking and wiggling, and dragging me to the van.. This made my heart explode with pride. So happy to see results like this from something so simple..
Hearing how so many dogs are transformed after learning grooming doesn’t have to be scary empowers me to help more, and hopefully bring a calm to a once scary part of a dogs life.
“I have come to understand that if you put yourself out there and are raw and honest with people they connect with you, & the dogs are more forgiving when you show them your soul and willing to adapt to your needs”
Peace and Love

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