Confidence and Patience makes all the difference

Scared, anxious, timid, aggressive, fearful; these are all traits I see regularly in clients pets. These behaviors dismissed as nothing could be done. But look at this photo and think about what you see:

timid, unsure,  he certainly wasn’t comfortable or pleased with the situation.

Now after a grooming session which lasted 2 hours look how his posture, completely changed.  Simply by how I interacted with him it could have gone two ways:

a)I was frustrated with his fear and fought him through the whole groom

b) I simply let him be. Whatever he was feeling I let it be, and just brought positive energy, kindness,  and peace. Which do you think happened?

He isn’t 100 percent pleased with the process, but he chose to stand and be present for the groom. All from me bringing love, kindness and patience to him.  Grooming doesn’t have to be a stressful scary time, it can be overcome with the right process.   Grooming is received differently for every pet, and one way is not the right way.  Figuring out what works for each pet means half the battle is won.. Because once you gain their trust your blessed with the ability to work with many wonderful souls.

Peace and love,


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