Sunnys Story

Have you ever felt so much love for a community, well this is how I felt about my little town of Truro, Nova Scotia. Here is the story of how people pulled together to help me, help Sunny.

At the time I met Sunny, I was the owner at The Dirty Dog Shop.  I first met her almost two years ago when she was just a year old. She was in almost as bad of condition as the pictures shown here, and we had discussed with the owner diet change and vet care immediately.  A year later she came back into my shop for grooming , and it was apparent that nothing had been done to treat her ailments.

           We had bathed and cleaned her to the best of our ability but when the owner came to pick her up and pay, we offered to take over ownership so she could receive proper care.  Sunny was promptly seen by the vet, and was prescribed medications and eye ointments. But this is just the beginning.  We put her on a clean raw diet, to help get some nutrition back into her body,  daily baths to help with the yeast covered skin, and one on one care to help nurture her back to a healthy state.
            We needed funding as this was an unexpected thing, but one we could not turn our back on. Sunny was a sweet lovable girl who deserved a second chance.  Our goal was to nurse her back to health, get her spayed and then find her a forever home. Any money above her expenses would be donated to Animal Rescue Coalition to help more animals in need.

     Word spread of Sunny’s recovery and within days we had reached $1500., with the support of some amazing people.. (you all know who you are). She was put onto Totally Raw pet food donated by the wonderful owners Doug and Karen along with some supplements. And an amazing local vet donating her time in treating her.Unfortunately Sunny’s healing quickly changed when she began tearing at her skin, since her flare up she had been having more issues with her skin. Even with being placed on a daily high dose of prednisone ,antibiotics, benydril , daily baths, and coconut oil to sooth her skin.. She just couldn’t get comfortable. After an emergency vet visit and some consulting it was determined she very possibly had an autoimmune disorder. She had gone from showing great progress to failing and not having a good outlook or a quality of life.

             This was a very hard decision to make, and along with speaking with other experts, we felt it best to take the pain away from sunny. She was laid to rest with myself and another kind hand at her side.

It saddens me because I wanted so much to give her a better life, after watching her snuggle into her bed on the first night , to her excitement of breakfast every morning.. She could have been such an amazing, loyal pal.. But unfortunately she wasn’t dealt those cards, instead she was taken into a home, kept malnourished, and her whole body dying slowly from the day she was born. When she would shake you could see her skin flake off.. I feel so angered with someone who didn’t deserve such a precious life and they neglected her and ultimately were responsible for her outcome.
We tried to offer her comfort, but listening to her constantly tear at herself and moan and whine- shows the discomfort that even high dose of drugs wouldn’t fix. We had her on a simple raw diet, daily baths, and fresh bedding daily so it all ruled out common allergens. Believe me when I say we thought of a variety of options, and the answers couldn’t be found.
I am glad that Sunny got to have a respectful passing because I feel if she was left in the care of her past owners, she would have had a very slow painful death..

“I want people to think before getting a pet and all the responsibility and cost that you can incur. She needed medical help for a year, and they sought out nothing… It makes me so sick to think she suffered that long.. That someone was watching her and couldn’t see she needed help.. I am glad she got to feel what a happy life could be.. I believe our pets do follow us throughout our life, and hopefully Sunny’s next life is beautiful and full of the love she deserves..
Its been an emotional day, but I want to thank all of you for your support.. You allowed her to receive vet care that was vital to her.”

The remaining $700 was  donated to ARC to support the dogs who are fighting some sort of battle.( Along with The Dirty Dog Shop matching $1000)

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kindness to a soul you hadn’t even met, this was from a group of wonderful people who cared enough to try and make a change.. And they did.

Sunny influences a lot of my thoughts still a year later.  Her soul was beautiful.

check out her videos

  Relaxing outdoors with Saylor , enjoying the spring air.


Cheque for Animal Rescue Coalition which went to Penny and Roxie.



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