Oh Groomer why are you so expensive , when Jolene down the road is half that.

So we all get the calls asking pricing… That”s it- Just a single question “how much for a dog to be groomed”. No question into training, insurance, products, experience, and ethics.

Why would they though, I mean to most people grooming is simply throw water and shampoo on a dog, rinse, let it air dry and grab the kitchen scissors and cut away. Right? That’s it and basically the quality turns out the same.

Well I am here to say NOPE, all wrong, and for anyone who calls themselves a groomer and does this, needs to check themselves!

A quick list of expenses to open a mobile grooming salon
Ok so first step is Education- Starts around $6000 for low end and upwards of $15,000
Then we need to be a member of something right, I mean to be respected among our peers. So approx $100 a year
Tools- Oh that is the big item- Dryers $600-900 each and oh you need two a high velocity and then a high heat fluff dryer.
Scissors well every groomer needs an intervention on the scissor collection most have.. I bet on average most groomers have between 5-20 pairs of scissors at say average $250 each.. Some pairs are $150 while you can spend up to $600 for a pair..
Next is our clippers.. Oh I know most of us have about 3 pairs, Our work horses, a back up pair, and then our 5-in-1 clippers. So $1000 for that.
Tables are about $700, then all the shampoos to stock the shelves for every coat type, coat condition, and smell available $64 a gallon and most of us probably have 6 we cycle though.

A tub to bath the dogs in, plus to pay for all the electrical, plumbing and regular maintenance.

Insurances- Man there is personal disability insurance , vehicle insurance, commercial insurance to protect our clients and all our equipment.

Now besides the cost to build a shop of between $5-20,000
And a vehicle to put it in.. $6-50,000 .

Oh and the big one- Paying myself, and setting money aside for retirement.

It adds up.. And with all that people wonder why rates are what they are.

So the next time you ask just about price- maybe think what goes behind that number!

6 Replies to “Oh Groomer why are you so expensive , when Jolene down the road is half that.”

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  2. I sure wish you were in North Vancouver! I can’t find a groomer who will take the time and effort for my two nervous pups!

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