East Coast to West Coast Hello!!


Thanks for clicking on my post!

So I would love to give you some background as to who I am.

I created The Dirty Dog Shop, Bark, Bath and Boutique, a wonderful grooming salon and boutique that carried local products. This was my passion for 6 years, with an amazing clientele.* We had people coming from all over the province to get their pets groomed in the shop, even had a lady as far away as Fort Mac who would get her boy groomed every time she was home.

Ok so back to who am I.. I am a Nova Scotia girl,  I had a booming business and got to bring my daughter to work with me everyday!

I had amazing staff who were amazing to work with. What more could a girl want? Well not having the dreaded East Coast winters would be wonderful… soooo….Being in with someone in the military means- when they say move… We have to go.. So with a heavy heart I sold my business and with bright eyes we headed across country to Vancouver Island to enjoy a life where you don’t have to shovel 5 months a year!

And here I am now.  Building The Urban Dog mobile grooming business and sorting out life with a busy 14 month old.

Thank you for taking time to view my page.. I will fill it with great info to keep you all informed on cool stuff.




*All the photos on my site currently are my works of art .

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