Thick Double Coated : Husky, Bernese, Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, etc.

Double Coated Breeds: De shedding, Undercoat removal, call it what you want.  I will bring calm back into your life, and take away the daily sweeping up of dog hair!

I have been told many times that no one has groomed their double coats like I do. I make it my personal goal to bring comfort to the thick coated woolies. By using techniques that do not damage the coat, I only remove loose undercoat.

You will find your pet more comfortable and less odor coming from the coat.

Recommended Grooming 4-8 weeks

*This is an estimate for a coat in perfect condition done regularly. Rates will vary from dog to dog, and grooming schedule .

Save money by getting your pet on a  regular grooming schedule.

I make your pets look and feel their best!