Dear Clients

First off, I want to thank you for your support with my growing business. I appreciate the trust you have put in me to care for your pet. It means so much that you have chosen my business to support.
Unfortunately after three years of constant van repairs, and setbacks I am repositioning the business. Urban Dog is transitioning to become a more eco friendly company. Beginning June 1st it will be an in-home grooming service traveling via bike!

What does that mean ? It means the big old van is being retired for a more environmentally friendly option of bicycle and cart. Rain or shine I will be grooming in Cadboro Bay,Oak Bay, Victoria, Esquimalt, Bear Mtn, Langford, Colwood, and once every 6 weeks up to N.Saanich for clients along that route.

How will the grooming service work ? I bring my skills, equipment, use your tub or sink to bath your dog and groom in an area of your home. You won’t be expected to clean up , I will leave the area as if I was never there. And you can breathe easy knowing your pup is getting a relaxing groom in the comfort of their home.

Where can I set up? I can set up my table in any uncarpeted place in your home. Patio, garage, kitchen or laundry room. Once I bathe your dog, I only require decent lighting and an electrical plug to use my dryer and clippers.

Will the price change ? Urban Dogs pricing was based on my skills, the price will stay the same as it is a premium service allowing you to stay in the comfort of your home while your pet gets groomed. This service saves you time and gives you the peace of mind that your pet is being treated respectfully while being groomed.

What about larger dogs? Urban Dog will only be able to groom dogs 50lb or less, as my back is not recovering well when grooming larger dogs. This may be subject to change per pet, but currently I need time for my body to heal from grooming so many large dogs.

What will the pet owners need to include? I will require from the owners the dog, a spot to bath the dog : tub or sink ( I will not use an outdoor hose as it is not heated, and does not offer a relaxing appropriate bath for your pet) , a bright room that I am able to set up a table, and a spot to plug my electrical items into.

What will I bring? Urban Dog provides all grooming equipment, shampoo, dryer, towels,vacuum.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at